Trash Can Cleaners


North Texas Sanitation was established by John D. Gilcrease. The company initially began serving customers in September of 2016. NTS was the very 1st trash bin cleaning service that hit the Texas soil. We have been known as the Clean Can Company in your area. Since then, the company has grown to serve over 36 different cities throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Cleaning trash cans as a pressure washing service has now become the new gold rush. North Texas Sanitation has taken the lead over all the other trash can cleaners in the United States.


After getting frustrated with attempting to clean his own trash cans all the time, John realized that a unique opportunity existed in an untapped market. He saw the opportunity to not only relieve people of the chore of cleaning their bins without specialized equipment but also to help people keep themselves and the environment clean. Rather than waste water and let the dirty trash water linger and impact the environment, John envisioned a way to clean dirty trash bins in the most effective way possible by carrying the dirty water away from the community. 

About the Owner, John D. Gilcrease

John D. Gilcrease was born an entrepreneur. He previously owned the largest "locally owned" Home & Office Bottled Water Delivery Company in Northern California. It was there that he understood that a company is just a name on a piece of paper. The customer relation is the value that makes a company prosper. With his expertise in customer relations and his routing background he started the 1st Trash Bin Cleaning Service in Denton, Texas.

John D. Gilcrease lives right in the heart of Sanger, Texas with his wife, five children (21,19,4,2 and 1 years old) There’s nothing he loves more than the ability of creating something from nothing and spending his only down time with his family.