Frequently Asked Questions About Trash Can Cleaning

How does the service work?

We Clean Your Bins the day after trash day. By doing this, it allows the trash companies to do their job effectively even if they have hiccups throughout their day. We send you a reminder message the day before your Trash can cleaning reminding you to leave your cans out for us.

What service plans do you offer? Which should I choose?

We offer three different service plans, it really depends on what best fits your families needs. 

Monthly Plan 

Is typically for the customer that disposes the following items, ( baby diapers, dog poop, kitty litter,) on a regular bases.

Bi-Monthly Plan

This has become the happy medium plan. If you feel that monthly is overkill and quarterly is too far out. The bi-monthly service plan is right up your alley with a service every other month.

Quarterly Plan 

This plan has been ranked our #1 highest requested service plan that we offer. This plan offers a regular routine maintenance of every three months, yet gives you the discounted loyalty pricing that you are looking for verses our one time service. Customers love the fact that they get their trash bins cleaned every season with this plan. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, your trash bins will maintain a level of cleanliness that will keep the insects and rodents away.

One Time Plan

This plan is perfect for the consumer that is looking to try out our service with no commitment. 80% of the customers that use this plan come back for a service plan. If you just had a crawfish boil, bag leak, or you are just ready for a clean bin, you can start with this plan and put our service to the test. 

Do my bins need to be empty to receive service?

 Yes. If we come to service your trash bins and they are not empty, we will reschedule to the following month. 

How can I get away from receiving a Nasty Gram from my HOA if my cans are left out?

We work very well with every HOA in our service area. We already service customers in your planned development. Once you signup for our trash can cleaning service we update our list with your address and resubmit it to your HOA. Trust us when we tell you that HOA'S love our service. They see value in insect and rodent control that a Clean Can provides. Trash Can Cleaning in Frisco and McKinney is on a upward growth with all the new HOA subdivisions.

How will I know that my bins have been cleaned?

In addition to your cans being completely spotless, we apply our signature seasonal scent that will make you forget that your trash bin is actually a trash bin. CLICK HERE to see what scent we are currently using.

How do I sign up for your services?