Highlights about our service

Signature Scents


We do our best to grab your attention!

North Texas Sanitation is the only trash can cleaning company that applies signature scents throughout the year to leave a smile on your face. We have done our best to create a product that will make you completely forget that your trash can is still a trash can after we have finished your cleaning. Our current scent is our amazing Apricot Peach, allowing you to experience a hint of summer with a dab of zesty, You will experience the aurora of a refreshing mix of apricot and peach with teases of pear, plum and jasmine. Breathtaking to say the least. With a mixture of juicy peach added with a hint of apricot spices & sugars definitely makes for a yummy treat! All of our sanitation oils are custom blended to ensure quality and consistency that is unmatched.   

Just don't get caught by your neighbors licking it.

As Good as NEW


We pride ourselves on our ability to take the dirtiest trash can and completely transform it to new again. We have the ability to remove all dirt and grime that has been caked in your trash bin for years attracting flies, rodents, maggots, and most importantly that awful smell. We at North Texas Sanitation pride ourselves with our 5 star rating on Facebook and Google. Not a easy task to achieve and definitely not a easy task to maintain. We strive to exceed the customers expectations.

If you would like to know how our service works click the link below. 

Closing the Gap


 Our mission was to solve the communication gap between the company and the customer. We did just that by providing full contact and GPS locations with our cleaning superheroes. You will receive a reminder message the day before your service date to remind you to leave your bins out for your scheduled cleaning. The day of your service we send out a message "On Our Way" allowing you to track our GPS coordinates, picture and full name of your technician as well. Once we have arrived at your place of residence you will then receive a message "Cleaning in Progress." This allows the customer to be full aware that we are outside their home providing them the service that they have ordered. Last but not least the customer will receive one final message stating that we have "departed." There is no better feeling when you receive confirmation when someone has arrived and departed from your place of residence. Our communication level should give you a full sense of security of our company.