How the Trash Can Cleaning Service Works

We take care of the unpleasant task of keeping your trash cans clean, so you don’t have to!

 North Texas Sanitation's curbside trash can cleaning service vehicle will arrive at your property the day after the container has been emptied by your trash company. We clean the following day of your trash pick up to ensure a excellent experience with us.  If for any reason your trash company is running behind it will not effect your expectations with us. We service over 37 different cities around you and have accomplished a great working relation with every HOA in the DFW Region. Once we add you to our service route your HOA will be notified. 

Step 1

You will receive a courtesy message the day before your trash can cleaning date reminding you to leave your trash bins at curbside after your trash company has emptied them.  You will also receive a message the day of your cleaning stating that we are "on our way." This also allows you to track our GPS system to see our vehicles current location and ETA to your house.

Step 2

Once North Texas Sanitation's service vehicle arrives at your place of residents your bins will be rolled down into the street where they will be inspected for debris. We will then remove up to 2 bags trash so we can perform our cleaning process. If there is any more than 2 bags or any loose trash you will automatically be rescheduled for the following month. If all is clear and we can start our cleaning process you will receive a message stating that " your service is in progress."

Step 3

After the initial inspection, your trash can is then taken to the rear of North Texas Sanitation's curbside trash can cleaning unit to start the cleaning process. Our hydraulic arms will then grab and lift your can placing it directly over our specially designed pressure washing head. The pressure head rotates at high speed in all directions effectively blasting any dirt or grime off the container.  With water blasting at the rate of 3500 PSI at temperatures exceeding 190 degrees your trash bin will be completely disinfected. The waste water is then collected by our self contained unit and taken away to ensure that we stay environmentally friendly! Our complete process will remove upwards of 99% of common bacteria from the container as well as leaving it completely spotless and odor free. Everyone loves how the Trash Can Cleaning Service Works!

Final Step

When the cleaning process has been completed, the trash can is then lowered back down to the street. With HOT steam still rolling out from inside the can is when we apply our exclusive signature fragrance that no other company can duplicate. They are then placed in uniform at the foot of your driveway. You will then receive a message that " We have departed from your residence."