Trash Can Cleaning Services

Trash Can Cleaning Services for Your Home

 No one needs to tell you trash cans are dirty. Unfortunately, you definitely can’t avoid them forever. Whether you’re adding trash or rolling them curbside for the waste company, you have to touch them eventually. 

 That’s where NTS trash can cleaning service comes in. Instead of just dealing the sticky, stinky, nose hair curling state of your trash cans and recycling bins, you can now schedule regular cleanings to keep them in perfect condition. With NTS on auto-dial your Trash Bins will not only sparkle, your Trash cans will be so clean they will Gleam! If you are looking for a Trash Can Cleaning in Flower Mound, or even a Trash Can Cleaning in Frisco we got you covered. We service all of North Texas! 

Garbage Can Cleaning Services You Can Rely On


Have you ever driven through a residential neighborhood and thought to yourself, “Whew . . . what is that smell,” even before you saw the trash cans positioned at the curb?

That’s because garbage cans stink! Especially after heavy use without washing them down with hot water. Whether they are sitting in your garage or on the side of your house, that smell can sure linger. Prepare yourself because the flies are no far behind that smell. 

That’s where NTS comes in — our trash can cleaning service is designed to keep each and every one of your bins hygienic and less likely to carry harmful bacteria. We are environmentally approved and mobile, so our residential garbage can cleaning service requires you to do nothing but bring those bins outside as usual!

Trash Can Cleaning Service Keep Bins Bacteria & Odor FREE


When you choose a trash can cleaning service, you want to choose one that isn’t doing more harm than good. While cleaning out your garbage cans is nice for your personal environment, you don’t want to contribute to the degradation of the environment as a whole.

Good news: NTS’s garbage can washing process is self-contained, which means we don’t release dirty water or suds out into the street. We keep your bins clean, remove bacteria, pests, insect eggs, and food particles, and then we carry all that foulness away from your home and neighborhood for good.

You are a Perfect Candidate for Trash Can Cleaning Service if you dispose of dog waste

dog waste can be a huge health risk. You are a perfect candidate for a trash bin cleaning service.

CLICK: Pet waste

You are a Perfect Candidate for Trash Can Cleaning Service if you dispose of baby diapers

Throwing away baby diapers calls for a trash can cleaning service.

You are a Perfect Candidate for Trash Can Cleaning Service if you dispose of meat, fish, and poultry

poultry and rotten meats can form a hazardous situation in your trash can. Let NTS CLEAN YOUR CANS

Trash Can cleaning service

Germ & Bug Free

Our trash can cleaning removes bacteria, decreases pest and insect infestation, and prevents cross-contamination between your bin and your home. 

Odor Free

Trash Can Cleaning has the ability to remove layers of buildup that is causing the horrible odor by using our special designed steaming system. NTS's Trash Bin Cleaning System is 100% environmentally friendly, and the fully self-contained cleaning unit will come to your home and high-pressure clean, disinfect and deodorize your trash and recycling bins.

Pricing Plans

We offer different trash can cleaning service levels that can fit any budget. Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, or One Time.

You choose what best fits your families needs.